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The Fight Between Your Ancient Brain and Your Modern Brain

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🧠 Episode 19: The Fight Between Your Ancient Brain and Your Modern Brain with Dr. Abbie Morano and Host Dan Keldsen

Hosted by Dan Keldsen, NextFutureToday dives deep into conversation with Dr. Abbie Morano, PhD, director of training and education at Social Engineer, LLC, and an advisory board member at Virtual Sapiens. Don’t miss this comprehensive discussion on the role of nonverbal communication in our increasingly virtual interactions.

Key Takeaways:

– Understand behavioral science in layperson’s terms and its practical applications in every day life, and in cybersecurity specifically.

– Learn why nonverbal cues such as eye contact and body language are even more crucial in virtual settings (and where you’re probably damaging your perceived expertise with sloppy on-screen habits)

– Discover how to overcome ‘Zoom fatigue’ through effective nonverbal communication strategies.

– Gain valuable insights into navigating career pathways, resilience, and the role of ethical behavior in professional growth.

πŸ‘€ Virtual Sapiens – The Tool for On-Camera Mastery

Dr. Morano and our host will also introduce you to Virtual Sapiens – a software platform revolutionizing the way we self-analyze and enhance our presence in virtual communications.

πŸŽ™οΈA Personal Journey Revealed

Dr. Morano shares her personal career journey and the hard work that led to her becoming a reputable figure in behavioral science. Her dedication to understanding the subtleties of human interaction provides invaluable lessons for all professionals navigating the digital space.

πŸ’‘ Nonverbal Nuances, Social Engineering & Technology

Learn how the limbic system of our brains reacts to virtual communication, and hear exciting thoughts on new technology connecting neuroscience and biology to our online interactions.

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