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Everything is a REMIX (and then some!) with Kirby Ferguson and Dan Keldsen



Welcome to Next Future Today with your host, Dan Keldsen.

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This is Season 1, Episode 4, and this is for all of you who want to learn to be more creative, dive deep into both original and remixed content, and a whole lot more.

This fun chat is with Kirby Ferguson, who’s most famous online work is the multi-part, and currently being updated and re-released series, EVERYTHING IS A REMIX.

We talk about the process of creativity, some of the tools that Kirby uses to jump-start creativity, the sheer volume of work that goes into creating a fast-cut documentary like EVERYTHING IS A REMIX and (THIS IS NOT) A CONSPIRACY THEORY.

And to follow Kirby’s work, find him at:

And anywhere memes are getting discussed, torn apart, and remixed into an infinity of memes.

Let’s dive on into it!