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Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, with your host, Dan Keldsen.

I’m thrilled to share insights from our recent episode featuring Alan Cassinelli, Brand and Product Marketing Manager at

This episode is a goldmine for anyone interested in harnessing the power of podcast appearances for personal branding and thought leadership!

Episode Highlights:

Strategic Outreach Tactics:
Alan reveals his innovative approach to securing podcast spots, including how he strategically identified and contacted the CEO of a competitor by utilizing Spotify to filter by podcast appearances.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch:
Learn how Alan developed concise, compelling pitches by focusing on unique deep knowledge areas, such as Harvard Business School experiences and remote work philosophies, rather than direct company promotion.

The Power of Preparation:
Discover Alan’s advice on the importance of media training and using bullet points to plan key talking points and calls to action for podcast appearances.

4-Stage Pitching Process:
Alan outlines his methodical four-stage process for successfully pitching podcasts – from researching to developing a tailored offer, executing outreach, and following up effectively.

Tools for Success:
Gain insights into how Alan uses Airtable to maintain a database of influential contacts and track outreach efforts, ensuring sustained and informed engagement.

Podcast Marketing Strategy:
Understand the strategic choice of guest appearances as a top or middle of funnel marketing strategy designed to build trust and showcase personality to a wider audience.

Notable Quotes:

“It’s not about selling your company; it’s about sharing valuable insights and building a connection with the audience.” — Alan Cassinelli

“Make it easy for podcast hosts to say yes. Highlight previous podcast appearances and your unique value proposition.” — Dan Keldsen

Actionable Advice:

Alan advises creating a compelling document to pitch yourself as a guest, and emphasizes the importance of taking proactive steps, from sending emails to leveraging networks for increased visibility. He also suggests dropping names of notable podcasts you’ve been featured on to enhance your credibility.

For entrepreneurs and marketers, Alan emphasizes tailoring messaging for different audiences, such as positioning Blaze for entrepreneurs and businesses while targeting B2B enterprise sales for Almanac.

Learn more about Dan and Alan

– Dan Keldsen

– Alan Cassinelli

Additional Resources:

– Explore

– Discover

– Dive into instructional content on YouTube for Blaze AI at

This episode is packed with detailed tactics and actionable insights for anyone looking to elevate their presence through podcast guest spots. We highly recommend tuning in to gain the full depth of Alan Cassinelli’s expertise.

As always, thank you for being a valued part of the *Next Future Today* community. We look forward to bringing you more insightful content in our upcoming episodes!

Stay curious,

Dan Keldsen & The *Next Future Today* Team

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Branding Communications Marketing Podcast

Marketing Above the Noise

Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, with your host, Dan Keldsen.

Next Future Today is the go-to podcast for career insights and forward-thinking ideas.

In today’s episode titled “Marketing Above the Noise” I’m talking to Linda Popky, a compelling storyteller who masterfully connects historical context to modern times. She takes us back thousands of years to an agrarian society where people relied on simple marketplaces for their daily necessities, through to the modern day equivalents, and WHY that matters.

We’ll discuss why repetition, entertainment, and humor are essential in marketing while also recognizing the boundaries. Dan and Linda will shed light on the value of writing a book for establishing credibility, and they’ll emphasize the power of storytelling in building strong customer relationships.

You’ll learn why businesses often miss the mark by relying on gut feelings rather than data and discover how to avoid creating unnecessary noise by focusing on where your customers truly are. Our hosts will also cover the evolving landscape of events and conferences, the move towards virtual platforms, and the hybrid future that lies ahead.

Join us as we unpack actionable advice on creating impactful content, building loyalty, and effectively listening to customer feedback. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into shaping your future marketing endeavors!

The Breakdown:

Successful Strategies and Testing

  • Testing and enhancing successful strategies
  • Importance of measuring and testing in modern marketing
  • Pitfalls of relying on gut feelings rather than data
  • Avoiding over-analysis paralysis in content testing

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Historical examples to explain marketing basics
  • Right place, right time, right product, right price
  • Addressing and understanding customer needs
  • Avoiding wrong metrics like likes and followers

Content Creation and Format

  • Mobile-friendly content necessity
  • Shorter and vertically-oriented videos
  • Quick and impactful content delivery
  • Tailoring content to fit social media platforms and audiences

Entertainment and Humor in Marketing

  • Using entertainment and humor while being mindful of boundaries

Book Creation for Credibility and Influence

  • The value of creating and publishing a book
  • Discussion of Linda Popky’s book “Marketing Above the Noise”
  • Encouraging individuals to tell their stories and share knowledge

Customer Feedback and Follow-Up

  • Importance of obtaining and utilizing customer feedback
  • Listening to and following up on customer input
  • Seeking input from satisfied customers for improvement
  • Understanding market needs through customer, partner, and competitor behavior

Building Product Loyalty

  • Creating a preference for products
  • Example of Apple customers’ loyalty
  • Focusing on target audience rather than following every trend

Storytelling in Marketing

  • Effective storytelling in marketing and sales
  • Importance of customer-focused narratives

Evolving Marketing Channels

  • Recognizing the evolving landscape of marketing channels and media types
  • Avoiding creation of unnecessary noise

Conferences and Events Evolution

  • Shift towards virtual platforms
  • Potential of hybrid approaches for future events

Industry Adaptation to Remote Work

  • Utilizing online platforms for communication and collaboration

Creating One’s Future

  • Seeking new approaches and growth opportunities
  • Advice on creating one’s future through innovative marketing strategies

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The Business of Business Storytelling

Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, with your host, Dan Keldsen.

Welcome back to “Next Future Today,” the go-to podcast for career insights and forward-thinking ideas. I’m your host, Dan Keldsen, and in today’s episode titled “The Business of Business Storytelling,” we dive deeper into the waters of storytelling for business.

With over two decades of expertise, Patti Sanchez is a master at using storytelling to engage and persuade diverse audiences for various business purposes. From the importance of storytelling in enhancing brand affinity and internal culture at mega-brands like Nike to the strategic use of storytelling to overcome customer objections and resistance to change, Patti unpacks how storytelling is pivotal at every stage of the customer journey. Whether you’re looking to refine your business communication or seeking fresh ways to pitch to potential investors, this episode is packed with actionable insights.

Join us as we explore how to use the traditional three-act structure in storytelling to craft compelling narratives that captivate and motivate, the challenges of change and how stories can be a transformative tool to address them. Don’t miss out as Patti shares her valuable perspective on not just the how of storytelling, but the critical whys behind it.

So, tune in, as we learn to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through the power of storytelling.

00:00 Interview about storytelling in business and communication.
06:27 Using stories in business communication builds trust.
09:06 Internal vs External focus in business storytelling.
11:30 Many companies value internal storytelling expertise.
17:03 Interview process to understand customer’s journey.
18:36 Tech startups overhyped, struggle with initial success.
22:50 Marketing funnels guide content for specific audiences.
24:40 Legacy systems broken, need for automation explained.
28:06 Understanding people is key to driving change.
30:54 Writing fictional stories helps visualize and plan future.

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Making a Career Out of Speechwriting and Ghostwriting

Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, with your host, Dan Keldsen.

Welcome back to “Next Future Today,” the go-to podcast for career insights and forward-thinking ideas. I’m your host, Dan Keldsen, and in today’s episode titled “Making a Career Out of Speechwriting and Ghostwriting,” we dive into the often-overlooked world of professional writing that influences and shapes public discourse.

Joining me is the distinguished Michael Franklin, a seasoned speechwriter and ghostwriter, who also spearheads the organization Speechwriters of Color. This conversation illuminates the pathways for those looking to carve out a career in speechwriting, especially for individuals of color who are notably underrepresented in this field.

Michael opens up about the need for formal training and greater visibility for speechwriters of color and shares his initiatives like the launching of a fellowship program and the speechwriters of color conference aimed at providing hands-on experience and education on the differing roles of speechwriters.

We discuss the intricacies and challenges faced by those who ghostwrite, including issues of credit and recognition, during their negotiation processes. Michael also provides insight from his experience at the Gathering of the Ghost conference, shining a light on the diversity issues and identity crises within the profession.

In a field mistakenly limited to politics, Michael breaks down the barriers, explaining the transition potential between speechwriting and ghostwriting, and emphasizing a strong grasp of storytelling as a key skill. We also talk about how the terminology used to describe one’s work can greatly impact career opportunities for writers of color.

Adding layers to the discussion, we touch upon the contributions of political writers George Lakoff and Frank Luntz, and Michael hands out some valuable tools for framing and structuring speeches. He also recommends several resources for aspiring speechwriters to hone their craft, showcasing his organization’s success in fostering over 500 members and securing influential partnerships.

If you have ever been intrigued by the hidden architects of communication or if you’re looking for alternative career pathways in writing, this episode will leave you enlightened and inspired. Make sure to stay tuned till the end for Michael’s contact information and the exciting possibilities for future collaboration.

Now, let’s unravel the behind-the-scenes world of the words that move us, as we welcome Michael Franklin on “Next Future Today.”

Recommended reading:

Political Speechwriter’s Handbook

Sister Outsider and

Speaking While Female


00:00 Interview with Michael Franklin on speech writing.

04:53 Conference covered diversity and identity crisis issues.

06:33 Ghostwriters and speechwriters seek public recognition changes.

10:45 Encouraging people of color to claim their role.

15:00 Legal communications major emphasizes ability to explain law.

18:10 Focuses on framing and progressive democrat communication.

20:34 Structure Technique: Name villain, uplift victories, call to action.

25:51 Launching virtual writing program, hosting in-person conference.

29:19 Reach out to diverse speech writers for opportunities.

30:27 Seek opportunities, ask for help, diverse options.

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Unpacking B2B Influencers: The Gamechangers



Welcome back to Next Future Today, your go-to podcast for exploring the fascinating intersection and acceleration of business and technology.

Today, we dive deep into the world of B2B influencer marketing with our special guest, Justin Levy.

Justin is a well known expert in the field, most recently serving as the Senior Director of Influencer Marketing at Demandbase.

With over a decade of experience in this space, Justin’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to harness the power of influencers to grow their business.

During this enlightening conversation, our host, Dan Keldsen, uncovers the secrets of successful influencer marketing campaigns and how to become a better influencer yourself.

They kick off the discussion by highlighting how social media has revolutionized the concept of influence, allowing individuals to gain prominence beyond traditional methods like writing books or giving keynotes. From there, Justin shares his expertise on the various types of content production and audience engagement that influencers can utilize to make a true impact.

One standout point from the episode is the essential role of LinkedIn in B2B influencer marketing. Justin explains how this platform has become the primary medium for influencer content in the business world, offering unparalleled opportunities for reaching professionals and decision-makers.

The conversation also emphasizes the importance of identifying influential individuals within specific markets, regardless of whether they fit the traditional demographic profile. This highlights the need for a strategic approach to influencer selection that goes beyond simply considering follower count, but also focuses on engagement, resonance, and diversity of the influencer’s audience.

Throughout the episode, Justin emphasizes the significance of establishing genuine, long-term relationships with influencers to ensure mutual success. He advises brands to involve influencers in the content creation process, allowing them to play to their strengths and preferences rather than forcing them into unfamiliar formats. This approach yields more authentic and engaging content, resonating better with the audience.

Moreover, Justin stresses the importance of thinking strategically rather than solely pursuing short-term gains. Building credibility, being known, and showcasing one’s skills and abilities are vital across industries, and this rings true for influencers as well. From startups to established brands, all can benefit from incorporating influencer marketing into their overall marketing strategies.

To measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns, Justin highlights key metrics such as engagement rate and cost per engagement. These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of collaborations and help brands make data-driven decisions moving forward.

So, whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a brand seeking to make a bigger impact in the B2B world, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and practical tips. Join us on Next Future Today as we delve into the exciting world of B2B influencer marketing with the incredible Justin Levy. Get ready to unlock the secrets of success and propel your business to new heights. Let’s jump right in!


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Branding Entrepreneurism Marketing Podcast

The Power of Branding for Buyouts



Welcome to Next Future Today, hosted by Dan Keldsen.

In Episode 13 of NextFutureToday, I had the privilege to interview @TedSchlueter from The Grist Agency  where we discussed the power of Branding for Buyouts, the title of his book, courses he’s taught at Babson College about Branding for Buyouts, and his core business practice of over 15 years.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ Branding can significantly increase the value of a business when it is being sold. By repositioning the brand and understanding what potential buyers want, we can unlock untapped value waiting to be discovered.

2️⃣ Marketing and branding often take a backseat in the M&A process, but they deserve a dedicated spot at the table. Working alongside investment bankers can ensure a combined approach that tells the story of a company’s life’s work and sacrifices, attracting the right buyers.

3️⃣ Creating a category and trademarking it can be a game-changer. Just like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, creating a unique space for your business increases its visibility and potential for success.

Want more? Listen up and be prepared to think about branding in a different way than most brands are designed and promoted!

Find out more about Ted’s work at: