Innovation Podcast Theory of Constraints

Constraints are made to be Broken with Lisa Scheinkopf and Dan Keldsen



Time for another episode of Next Future Today!

Today’s topic is all about Constraints.

Well, maybe not ALL about constraints, but that’s the main target.

Specifically, we’ll be talking about the Theory of Constraints, or ToC as it’s called. And my guest is Lisa Scheinkopf, Founder of Jenrada.

Lisa founded Jenrada in 2019 after 14 years as a Partner at Goldratt Consulting where she led the company’s consulting practice in North America and India and headed the Goldratt School. 

If you went to a business school, or perhaps have had a manufacturing job, you may have run across one of the first big best-selling “Business Novels” – The Goal, which is a wonderfully easy to understand romp through Theory of Constraints.

Or more recently, with a decidedly enterprise development twist into DevOps, “The Phoenix Project” – which is a similarly awesome book that extends ToC out of physical manufacturing, into bits and bytes.

For this episode, if you are interested in smarter change management, a way to look at processes and opportunities by hunting down constraints and, often, eradicating constraints that may have been blocking you or your organization for years, maybe even decades, then we have a treat for you.

Let’s dive on into it!

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