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The Magic of Conversational Presenting

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And in today’s episode of Next Future Today, Episode 20, “The Magic of Conversational Presenting,” we’re diving into the transformative world of presentation skills with none other than Spencer Waldron, a maestro of engaging communication with over 15 years under his belt.

Spencer, a former long-time Prezi employee who helped bring Prezi Video into the world, now brings his expertise to, advocating for the power of virtual connections that can be as strong as any live event – or even stronger!

We’ll be touching on the Steve Jobs’ level of preparation (and what would Steve have done during COVID?), the storytelling secrets that could rival Pixar, and the impact of COVID-19 on our virtual presentation landscape.

As we all navigated the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Spencer adapted his approach, sharpening his already impressive presentation strategies. He’ll share his insights on the necessity of intimate Zoom engagement over broad-cast webinars, the tactical use of questions to tailor your message, and even a fascinating “periodic table of emotions” that could drastically improve how we understand and deliver our content.

Looking ahead, Spencer is excited about the potential of AI in crafting presentations and is eager to discuss his new platform, CENROX. He’s also very approachable on LinkedIn for those who’d like to connect.

So sit tight as we explore how to harness the interactive power of “conversational presenting,” learn from WebEx’s missed shots, and find out why Zoom became the king of virtual communication. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of what makes a virtual presentation not just work, but resonate powerfully—even down to your choice of background and the “20% rule” for enhancing your on-screen presence.

This episode isn’t just a look into the future of presenting—it’s an essential guide for anyone looking to slingshot their communication skills into new dimensions in 2024 and beyond. Join us for this insightful journey into the heart of effective presentation—let’s start the conversation, right now, on Next Future Today.

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