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You Aren’t a Born Communicator

Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, with your host, Dan Keldsen.

In a world where ideas are the bedrock of innovation and progress, how we convey those ideas can be the difference between being heard and being overlooked. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest episode, “You aren’t a born communicator”, featuring a master of the spoken word, Matt Kohut of KNP Communications, and hosted as always by the infinitely curious Dan Keldsen.

🧠 Left Brain, Right Brain – Finding the Balance in Business Explore the necessity of blending logical and creative thinking with Dan and Matt as they delve into the realm of effective business communication. Understand why it’s essential to break free from traditional molds and foster an environment where innovation thrives.

🚀 NASA and the Struggle for Change Learn about the challenges organizations like NASA face when altering entrenched cultures and presentation styles. Discover why Guy Kawasaki’s presentation rule and storytelling are not just for authors and filmmakers but are critical tools for businesses and technical organizations alike.

🗣️ The Art and Science of Communication Matt Kohut illuminates the path from being a rough communicator to excelling in conveying your message. Take cues from the greats like Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs (both are talked about as though they were literally born to speak, but they both spent FAR more time and effort than you probably think, to become true masters), and hear about the hard work behind captivating speeches.

💡 Storytelling – Your Tool for Persuasion Find out why anecdotes and personal stories can transform a mundane presentation into a persuasive, emotional journey. Matt discusses the hurdles of making the case for storytelling within technical organizations and how it can lead to a significant shift in professional communication.

📚 Speaking Out Anticipate Matt Kohut’s upcoming book “Speaking Out: New Rules of Business Leadership Communication” and get a sneak peek into how executives are navigating the complex landscape of political and social issues through their communications.

🔧 Tools for Improvement

And a quick aside – Rethink your approach to virtual meetings and learn about Poised—a real-time app that offers immediate feedback on your speaking skills. Plus, discover the importance of recording and reviewing your presentations for continuous self-improvement.

Connect with Matt Kohut on LinkedIn or via KNP Communications for personal advice on professional communication.

This episode of Next Future Today is more than just a podcast—it’s a step towards transforming how you interact with the world around you. Let Dan and Matt guide you on this journey of communication mastery.

Tune in now and remember, while you might not be a born communicator, with persistence and the right guidance, you can become a captivating one.

Let’s start the conversation, right now, on *Next Future Today*.

00:00 Matt Kohut discusses professional communication and NASA.

03:25 Non-linear path to speech writing career.

09:02 Success takes work, internalize beyond mere memorization.

11:50 Stories elicit emotions, analysis is logic.

13:35 Professional stories can be small and anecdotal.

16:28 Encouraging a whole mind for innovation and value.

20:49 Agrees with point, flexibility in presentation size.

24:20 Effective communication requires memorable, impactful messages.

26:47 Real-time app gives feedback during meetings.

30:17 Sneak peek of Matt’s next book.

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