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Employee Supremacy, the COVID Rollercoaster



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This is Episode 9, and on the surface, the topic is about a visitor management system company called “The Receptionist” – and how the company has evolved from pre-COVID, thru COVID to the other side.

In this interview, I chatted with Andy Alsop, CEO of The Receptionist, on the rollercoaster of providing a solution used to greet and track people checking in at the front desk, at a time when nobody was in-person at all.

Throughout the evolution of the company, Andy’s also been pursuing what he calls “Employee Supremacy” a nice twist on exactly which “shareholder” is the most important, and what that explicitly means.

For decades, companies have operated under a model of Shareholder Supremacy, where leadership decisions are driven solely by what’s best for shareholders.

Andy argues that when a company’s leadership decides what’s best for employees before anything else, all of the company’s stakeholders will benefit.

Find out more about Andy and The Receptionist at:

The Receptionist

Fun fact: Both Andy and I are classic muscle car enthusiasts – he’s a Camaro fan, and I’m a Mustang fan. But we won’t let those differences get between us! 😉