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What is The Leader Way? From Domination to Empowerment in the Workplace



Welcome to Next Future Today, hosted by Dan Keldsen.

Today’s episode is What is The Leader Way? From Domination to Empowerment in the Workplace” with Leadership Expert Jamie Mason Cohen – NextFutureToday Ep 14

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In this episode of NextFutureToday, I’m interviewing Jamie Mason Cohen, a well known leadership development and resilience expert with an array of stories that, no matter how improbable they are (hint: he doesn’t take NO for an answer… and I mean that literally), are just do.damn.good. and chock full of tips for work and life.

During our conversation, he shared some incredible quotes that really resonated with me, that I’ll call out here:

1. “Leadership should be a shared responsibility and privilege.” This quote truly underscores the importance of collaboration and empowering others within leadership roles. It reminds us that leadership is not about being the dominant force (like a hard charging Jack Welch, or Steve Jobs for example), but rather about elevating and supporting those around us.

2. “Experimentation is the key to effective leadership.” The value of trying new approaches and thinking outside the box is an uncommon take that’s well worth putting into action. It highlights the need for leaders to embrace innovation and learn from their mistakes, creating an environment that fosters growth and adaptability.

3. “Leaders should be ‘learn it alls,’ not ‘know it alls’.” Having a way with words, and memorable phrases, is the sign of a great communicator, and this saying encapsulates the mindset that leaders should strive for – continuous learning and humility. It reminds us that true leaders are open to new ideas, receptive to feedback, and willing to admit when they make mistakes. There’s much more, but for the rest… you’ll need to watch/listen. Go go go! And create YOUR Next Future Today. #leadership#leadershipskills#communicationskills#saturdaynightlive

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