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Here Be Dragons with Rich Mulholland and Dan Keldsen



Time for another episode of Next Future Today!

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This is Season 1, Episode 6, and the topic is “Here Be Dragons.” My guest is Rich Mulholland, who is a professional speaker, a salesperson, an author, has a pro music/entertainment background supporting a variety of internationally known rock bands, he’s a sales and speaking trainer, and perhaps most importantly, one heck of a storyteller.

Rich’s approach to explaining not just that storytelling is important, but HOW TO CREATE WELL CRAFTED STORIES, is among the best I’ve found.

I know I’ve found gold when I read a book and follow someone’s social feed, when most of the resources they mention are not the same old list that every one refers to.

And his latest book, “Here Be Dragons” is an incredibly compelling read, chock full of memorable nuggets.

More about Rich and his work:

His latest book:

And my company, and the product we discussed early in the conversation is:

Thanks to Rich for his humor, insights and support – he’s serving a very similar audience in the same spirit as we are – there’s power in simplicity, and in making compelling presentations a normality rather than a rarity.

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Everything is a REMIX (and then some!) with Kirby Ferguson and Dan Keldsen



Welcome to Next Future Today with your host, Dan Keldsen.

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This is Season 1, Episode 4, and this is for all of you who want to learn to be more creative, dive deep into both original and remixed content, and a whole lot more.

This fun chat is with Kirby Ferguson, who’s most famous online work is the multi-part, and currently being updated and re-released series, EVERYTHING IS A REMIX.

We talk about the process of creativity, some of the tools that Kirby uses to jump-start creativity, the sheer volume of work that goes into creating a fast-cut documentary like EVERYTHING IS A REMIX and (THIS IS NOT) A CONSPIRACY THEORY.

And to follow Kirby’s work, find him at:

And anywhere memes are getting discussed, torn apart, and remixed into an infinity of memes.

Let’s dive on into it!