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The Fight Between Your Ancient Brain and Your Modern Brain

Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, your go-to podcast for exploring what’s coming, and how you can purposefully create your next future… today!

🧠 Episode 19: The Fight Between Your Ancient Brain and Your Modern Brain with Dr. Abbie Morano and Host Dan Keldsen

Hosted by Dan Keldsen, NextFutureToday dives deep into conversation with Dr. Abbie Morano, PhD, director of training and education at Social Engineer, LLC, and an advisory board member at Virtual Sapiens. Don’t miss this comprehensive discussion on the role of nonverbal communication in our increasingly virtual interactions.

Key Takeaways:

– Understand behavioral science in layperson’s terms and its practical applications in every day life, and in cybersecurity specifically.

– Learn why nonverbal cues such as eye contact and body language are even more crucial in virtual settings (and where you’re probably damaging your perceived expertise with sloppy on-screen habits)

– Discover how to overcome ‘Zoom fatigue’ through effective nonverbal communication strategies.

– Gain valuable insights into navigating career pathways, resilience, and the role of ethical behavior in professional growth.

👀 Virtual Sapiens – The Tool for On-Camera Mastery

Dr. Morano and our host will also introduce you to Virtual Sapiens – a software platform revolutionizing the way we self-analyze and enhance our presence in virtual communications.

🎙️A Personal Journey Revealed

Dr. Morano shares her personal career journey and the hard work that led to her becoming a reputable figure in behavioral science. Her dedication to understanding the subtleties of human interaction provides invaluable lessons for all professionals navigating the digital space.

💡 Nonverbal Nuances, Social Engineering & Technology

Learn how the limbic system of our brains reacts to virtual communication, and hear exciting thoughts on new technology connecting neuroscience and biology to our online interactions.

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Mind-blowing Secrets of Fandom and Virtual Events Unveiled

Dear Enthusiasts of the Future,

Welcome back to Next Future Today, your go-to podcast for exploring what’s coming, and how you can purposefully create your next future… today!

In our latest episode, we had the pleasure of hosting David Meerman Scott, the renowned author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” and “Fanocracy.”

Our conversation delved into the fascinating intersection of neuroscience, virtual events, and the evolution of fan engagement.

Here are some highlights from our engaging discussion:

1. The Neuroscience Behind Fandom and Tribal Behavior:

– We explored the impact of eye contact, mirror neurons, and proximity on the human brain, shedding light on the neuroscience behind why individuals seek communities and connections with like-minded people.

2. Evolution of Virtual Events:

– David shared insights into how the pandemic forced a shift from in-person to virtual events, emphasizing the importance of creating compelling virtual experiences that engage and captivate participants.

3. Hybrid Event Success:

– We discussed successful examples of hybrid events, highlighting Tony Robbins’ seamless transition to a hybrid format, leveraging innovative communication technology.

4. Technology Innovation Acceleration:

– Recognizing the accelerated pace of technology innovation during the pandemic, we explored how it condensed years of technological advancement into a remarkably short period.

Our conversation with David Meerman Scott provided invaluable insights into the future of fan engagement, the impact of virtual events, and the rapid evolution of technology. We’re thrilled to share this enriching episode with you.

Next Future Today is committed to exploring the most cutting-edge developments in technology and their impact on various industries. We hope you find this episode as enlightening and thought-provoking as we did.

Tune in to Next Future Today and join us as we explore the trends, technologies, and ideas that are shaping the future.




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Revolutionizing Events in a Hybrid World



Welcome to Next Future Today, hosted by Dan Keldsen.

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In this episode host Dan Keldsen interviews Jon Harris, the CEO and co-founder of BuzzIt, a platform designed to enhance attendee engagement and overall event experience.

It’s a tale of a pivot – dodging and weaving from one idea, connecting college students in big, anonymous classrooms, to much more… watch/listen for the details, in the meantime, here’s the quick summary.

Three Key Takeaways from BuzzIt’s Journey

  1. The initial idea for BuzzIt was to create a location-based messaging product.
  2. BuzzIt pivoted to focus on improving attendee engagement and experience at events.
  3. The platform aims to cater to the unique needs of smaller, more frequent events.

A Step-by-Step Process to BuzzIt’s Evolution

  1. Initial concept: John Harris was inspired to create a location-based messaging product after a bad experience with a food vendor.
  2. Pivot to classrooms: Realizing the potential for this product in educational settings, Harris and his team started using it in classrooms to help students connect.
  3. Transition to events: BuzzIt shifted to events, where it found a better market fit and started focusing on helping event organizers create better experiences for attendees.
  4. Covid-19 impact: The pandemic forced event organizers to adapt to virtual and hybrid events, and BuzzIt evolved alongside these changes to provide solutions for a niche market.
  • 📱 Buzzit began as a location-based messaging product
  • 🎓 Initially focused on classrooms for better communication
  • 🚀 Shifted focus to events and event organizers
  • 🌐 Adapted to online events during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 🤝 Helps both attendees and hosts for better event experiences
  • 💼 Target audience: smaller, frequent events (75-150 people)
  • ⏳ Saves setup time for event organizers
  • 🌉 Bridges the gap between in-person and virtual attendees
  • 🎯 Not a one-size-fits-all solution,  tailored to a niche market
  • 🗣️ Strong engagement with clients to understand their needs

More about BuzzIT at:

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Start.Suck.Get Better. with Desiree Rose and Dan Keldsen



Welcome to Next Future Today, hosted by Dan Keldsen. Find more episodes at, on YouTube, or in your favorite podcast app.

This is Season 1, Episode 8, and the topic is “Start.Suck.Get Better.”

In this interview, I chatted with Desiree Rose from  @All-In-One Social Media about her newest book ( Start.Suck.Get Better. ), social media for individual/personal brands, small businesses, and well… anyone.

She started her career in social media and video specifically roughly 6 years ago, and has built quite a reputation as a content creator, and in her work with and as a military spouse, and female entrepreneurs as a whole.

If you’ve been listening to previous Next Future Today episodes, the core idea of Start.Suck.Get Better. fits fantastically with the key concept of Next Future Today… it’s not just gaining knowledge, but taking ACTION, quickly, that’s the key to empowering yourself as well as your team.

The sooner you start chipping away at making change happen, the sooner you’ll see the results!

Find out more about her work at:

Fun fact: Desiree was the very first person to upload an unboxing video of our products at That video was an early sign that the word was getting out that there was a real problem out in the world, cringingly bad eye contact on Zoom calls, interviews, recorded videos, you name it – and we were being seen as the solution.

Alright, let’s dive on into it with Desiree!

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Here Be Dragons with Rich Mulholland and Dan Keldsen



Time for another episode of Next Future Today!

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This is Season 1, Episode 6, and the topic is “Here Be Dragons.” My guest is Rich Mulholland, who is a professional speaker, a salesperson, an author, has a pro music/entertainment background supporting a variety of internationally known rock bands, he’s a sales and speaking trainer, and perhaps most importantly, one heck of a storyteller.

Rich’s approach to explaining not just that storytelling is important, but HOW TO CREATE WELL CRAFTED STORIES, is among the best I’ve found.

I know I’ve found gold when I read a book and follow someone’s social feed, when most of the resources they mention are not the same old list that every one refers to.

And his latest book, “Here Be Dragons” is an incredibly compelling read, chock full of memorable nuggets.

More about Rich and his work:

His latest book:

And my company, and the product we discussed early in the conversation is:

Thanks to Rich for his humor, insights and support – he’s serving a very similar audience in the same spirit as we are – there’s power in simplicity, and in making compelling presentations a normality rather than a rarity.