What is ENDineering?



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This is Episode 10, and features a wonderful twist on the usual discussion around User eXperience (UX) and Customer eXperience (CX).

There’s been a long evolution from:

Usability concerns (do people know what a control does), To UX (is it easy to use),

To Information Architecture (IA) (is the end-to-end experience and the supporting tech and “connective tissue” between systems – like consistent navigation, terminology, ability to search across everything, etc.),

and in to CX (does what you’ve built make it easy to become a customer, onboard, and remain happy throughout the experience)…

All of these concepts and practices are typically focused on starting and maintaining an experience.

But none of them focus on how to create architected, designed and executed END experiences.

And that, dear reader, listener, watcher… is something where a TON of value can be unlocked.

In an industry obsessed with acquisition, Joe’s practice of Endineering provides a fresh perspective:

to rethink consumerism through the design of offboarding, so the end experience is designed as well as the beginning.

Find out more about Joe MacLeod and his company at: