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Mind-blowing Secrets of Fandom and Virtual Events Unveiled

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Welcome back to Next Future Today, your go-to podcast for exploring what’s coming, and how you can purposefully create your next future… today!

In our latest episode, we had the pleasure of hosting David Meerman Scott, the renowned author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” and “Fanocracy.”

Our conversation delved into the fascinating intersection of neuroscience, virtual events, and the evolution of fan engagement.

Here are some highlights from our engaging discussion:

1. The Neuroscience Behind Fandom and Tribal Behavior:

– We explored the impact of eye contact, mirror neurons, and proximity on the human brain, shedding light on the neuroscience behind why individuals seek communities and connections with like-minded people.

2. Evolution of Virtual Events:

– David shared insights into how the pandemic forced a shift from in-person to virtual events, emphasizing the importance of creating compelling virtual experiences that engage and captivate participants.

3. Hybrid Event Success:

– We discussed successful examples of hybrid events, highlighting Tony Robbins’ seamless transition to a hybrid format, leveraging innovative communication technology.

4. Technology Innovation Acceleration:

– Recognizing the accelerated pace of technology innovation during the pandemic, we explored how it condensed years of technological advancement into a remarkably short period.

Our conversation with David Meerman Scott provided invaluable insights into the future of fan engagement, the impact of virtual events, and the rapid evolution of technology. We’re thrilled to share this enriching episode with you.

Next Future Today is committed to exploring the most cutting-edge developments in technology and their impact on various industries. We hope you find this episode as enlightening and thought-provoking as we did.

Tune in to Next Future Today and join us as we explore the trends, technologies, and ideas that are shaping the future.




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Unpacking B2B Influencers: The Gamechangers



Welcome back to Next Future Today, your go-to podcast for exploring the fascinating intersection and acceleration of business and technology.

Today, we dive deep into the world of B2B influencer marketing with our special guest, Justin Levy.

Justin is a well known expert in the field, most recently serving as the Senior Director of Influencer Marketing at Demandbase.

With over a decade of experience in this space, Justin’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to harness the power of influencers to grow their business.

During this enlightening conversation, our host, Dan Keldsen, uncovers the secrets of successful influencer marketing campaigns and how to become a better influencer yourself.

They kick off the discussion by highlighting how social media has revolutionized the concept of influence, allowing individuals to gain prominence beyond traditional methods like writing books or giving keynotes. From there, Justin shares his expertise on the various types of content production and audience engagement that influencers can utilize to make a true impact.

One standout point from the episode is the essential role of LinkedIn in B2B influencer marketing. Justin explains how this platform has become the primary medium for influencer content in the business world, offering unparalleled opportunities for reaching professionals and decision-makers.

The conversation also emphasizes the importance of identifying influential individuals within specific markets, regardless of whether they fit the traditional demographic profile. This highlights the need for a strategic approach to influencer selection that goes beyond simply considering follower count, but also focuses on engagement, resonance, and diversity of the influencer’s audience.

Throughout the episode, Justin emphasizes the significance of establishing genuine, long-term relationships with influencers to ensure mutual success. He advises brands to involve influencers in the content creation process, allowing them to play to their strengths and preferences rather than forcing them into unfamiliar formats. This approach yields more authentic and engaging content, resonating better with the audience.

Moreover, Justin stresses the importance of thinking strategically rather than solely pursuing short-term gains. Building credibility, being known, and showcasing one’s skills and abilities are vital across industries, and this rings true for influencers as well. From startups to established brands, all can benefit from incorporating influencer marketing into their overall marketing strategies.

To measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns, Justin highlights key metrics such as engagement rate and cost per engagement. These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of collaborations and help brands make data-driven decisions moving forward.

So, whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a brand seeking to make a bigger impact in the B2B world, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and practical tips. Join us on Next Future Today as we delve into the exciting world of B2B influencer marketing with the incredible Justin Levy. Get ready to unlock the secrets of success and propel your business to new heights. Let’s jump right in!


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